The Institute does not have standing assistantships but most graduate students receive financial aid in the form of assistantships. All students on assistantship receive out-of-state tuition waivers and in-state fee reductions. Reduced in-state tuition and incidental fees amount to approximately $1160/semester. Please see the Bursar's page for additional information on these fees. In addition, all graduate students on graduate assistantships are required to enroll in a mandatory health insurance program that is partially subsidized by the University. Additional information on health insurance can be found at the Human Resources Web page.

The biggest obstacle for many applicants is to find a faculty member who has an assistantship available. We get many more applications than we have graduate assistantships, so many qualified applicants may not be admitted. Therefore, we recommend that you contact faculty members who could serve as potential advisors before applying to our graduate program. View our listing of faculty members potentially having assistantships.

Assistantships will also be available for Fall through the Graduate School. They are awarded competitively based on grade point averages, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation. Although the deadline for applying for assistantships is February 2, you should try and have your application for admission to the Graduate School completed by January 1st to be considered. Since there is a limited number of assistantships and the decisions on assistantship awards are made separately from the decisions on admission, it is possible to be accepted for graduate study but not win an assistantship.