Cultivar Release

Policy No. 9 Cultivar and Germplasm Release application

This policy governs the process of release of cultivars, associate cultivars, germplasm, parental lines, and genetic stocks (collectively termed “plant material” below) by the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station (GAES). This policy does not govern ownership, patenting, or licensing issues, which are covered in the University of Georgia’s Intellectual Property Policy and in an Agreement dated February 1997 between the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. (UGARF) and the Georgia Seed Development Commission (GSDC). In addition, this policy does not govern material transfer or restricted testing agreements. For convenience, these issues are described in the Appendices.

Georgia Integrated Cultivar Release System website

Georgia’s Integrated Cultivar Release System (GICRS) is the official developer of plant materials and breeder seed developed by the University of Georgia’s Agricultural Experiment Stations and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. With more than 19 plant breeders on staff, the University of Georgia is known as an international leader in developing new varieties of plant material and seed that are commercially viable.