Experiential Learning Opportunities

As of fall 2016, incoming freshmen and transfer students must engage in hands-on, experiential learning within a domestic or global setting as a graduation requirement. At the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, we’ve always made it a priority to offer students the opportunity to participate in experiential learning activities during their academic career. In fact, it’s an integral part of our Deans’ Promise initiative.

The experiential learning requirement allows students to gain real world experience, broaden their horizons and become more marketable to employers through several curricular options. These options include: internship courses (PBGG 3910) and research courses (PBGG 4960).  Honors students can take advantage of the Honor’s research course series PBGG 4960R, 4970R, 4980R, 4990R.

Students also have the option to fulfill the requirement with a non-credit experience, but must get approval in advance from their Department Head and Experiential Learning Certification Officer. Students must also spend a minimum of 50 hours on the activity and submit a reflective essay at the conclusion of their experience.

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Experiential Learning

Our Deans' Promise initiative states:

Every student in our college will have the opportunity to enrich their college experience beyond the classroom.