IPBGG Students & Post-Docs Take Top Honors in 2019 Plant Center Retreat Poster Contests

Student Group

1st - Monica Prias (Parrott Lab): Towards a Methodology to Improve Somatic Embryogenesis and Transformation Efficiency in Switchgrass (PanicumvirgatumL.): Overexpression of Baby boom and Wuschel2 Genes

2nd - Hallie Wright (Devos Lab): Fine-mapping d4 and Br1 in pearl millet (tied with Peter Pietrzyk from Bucksch Lab)

Post-Doc Group

1st - Qiang Li (Van der Knaap Lab): Fine cis-engineering by CRISPR/Cas9 in the promoter of tomato KLUH generates varied fruit weight for crop improvement

2nd - Lei Zhang (Van der Knaap Lab): Mining novel fruit weight QTLs in semi-domesticated tomato population