Annual Retreats

2023 Annual Retreat

Poster Competition Winners

  • MS section
    • 1st Place: Gema Nugraha
      Capturing diversity from uncharacterized wild peanut collection
    • 2nd Place: Chad Hawkins
      Efficient transformation and regeneration of morning glory
  • PhD section:
    • 1st Place: Vincent Pennetti
      Generation of auxotrophic agrobacterium strains using a CRISPR-mediated base-editor
    • 2nd Place: Qian Feng
      Characterization of a novel fruit flavor aroma locus in tomato
    • 3rd Place: Nathaniel Burner
      Developing and deploying a UAS-based pipeline for determining maturity of so
  • Staff/Postdoc section:
    • 1st Place: Eudald Illa Berenguer
      Bladderwort short sequences work as insulators in Nicotiana plants

2022 Annual Retreat

Poster Competition Winners

  • M.S.
    • First Place – Sefa Ayten
      Title: Chromosome-scale Genome Assembly of the Medicinal Plant Teucrium marum (Lamiaceae)
    • Second Place – Stephanie Botton
      Title: Identifying and Characterizing Recombinant Lines of the Arachis cardenasii A09 Introgression in a Recombinant Inbred Peanut Population
  • Ph.D.
    • First Place – Vinavi Gamage
      Title: Perturbations to soybean methionine metabolism underlying SHMT8-mediated resistance to soybean cyst nematode
    • Second Place – Qian Feng
      Title: Candidate gene identification for tomato aroma volatiles through an automatic gene screening pipeline with GWAS and linkage mapping
    • Second Place – Manoj Sapkota
      Title: Genome-wide association mapping for fruit volatiles contributing to tomato flavor
  • Staff/Post-Doc
    • First Place – Nicole Bachleda
      Title: Genetic Loci Rj5 and Rj6 Control Nodulation in Soybean
    • Second Place – Raquel Rocha
      Title: Novel dorsal gland effector candidates identified from rootknot nematode adult females

May 25 - 27

Villas by the Sea Resort

1175 North Beachview Drive
Jekyll Island, Georgia 31527