• Akshaya Biswal
    IPBGG Membership Seminar: Fast Forward Peanut Breeding for Disease Resistance and Seed Quality
  • John Bagwell
    Deciphering the Genetics of Hessian Fly, Leaf Rust, and Stripe Rust Resistance in Wheat in the Southeastern US (Dissertation Defense)
  • Rachel Rackers
    MiRNA Ninjas: Overlooked Players to Increase Sorghum Biofuel Production
  • Kelly Goode
    From Roots to Resilience: Plant Breeding for Nematode Resistance
  • Nathaniel Burner
    Come Fly With Me: Drone-based Estimation of Soybean Maturity
  • Shreena Pradhan
    Paint Your Plate Purple
  • Amol Nankar
    Vegetable Breeding – Breeding Pipeline Development to Variety Release
  • Jon Cody
    Developing tools for improving the process of plant transformation and gene editing
  • Andrew Ogden
    Breeding Horticultural Crops for Controlled Environment Agriculture: A New Horizon


  • Mylee Mobley
    Host Plant Resistance: Cowpea vs. Curculio
  • Katie Toomey
    Rooting Against the Odds: A Success Story from African Fields
  • Samantha Wan
    Fiber Quality Improvement of Upland cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.) through Interspecific Introgression
  • Razi Ibrahim
    Developing 2,4-D resistant white clover through mutation breeding and recurrent selection
  • Gema Nugraha
    Rediscovering a Legacy: Finding Adaptability in Lost Peanut
  • Dr. Andrew Wiersma
    Plant Breeder, Edible Bean Breeding and Genetics at Archer Daniels Midland
  • Guarab Bhattarai
    Genetic Analysis of Nut Shape and Scab Resistance in Pecan
  • Daniel Matusinec
    Bringing together peanut wild relatives to combat stem rot
  • Angel Brooks
    My Relationship with Renewable Energy and Switchgrass
  • Hallie Wright
    Full Blast: Overcoming Finger Millet’s Biggest Villain
  • Nathaniel Burner
    Can Breeding End the War on Tobacco?
  • Brandon Tonnis
    Peanut Oil Treasure Hunt: Breeding for an Overlooked Peanut Trait 
  • Saptarshi Mondal
    Can Zoysiagrass Beat Salts?
  • Namrata Maharjan
    Spotting resistance in wild peanut relatives
  • Samikshya Rijal
    Curiouser and Curiouser About Citrus
  • Holly W. Presley
    Fortifying the Cereal Aisle
  • Razi Ibrahim
    Grow Your Own Nitrogen: Improving Seed Yield of White Clover
  • Sydney Webb
    A Champion in the Making? Improving Peanut's Resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
  • Antonio Jose Monforte
    Genetic basis of fruit morphology and domestication in melon
  • Brandon Tonnis
    Open Sesame: Creating a Better Password for an Ancient Oilseed
  • Samantha Surber
    Return of the Forest's Gentle Giant
  • Jordan Knapp-Wilson
    James (Oglethorpe) and the Giant Peach: A Tale of How Georgia Became the Peach State
  • Kendall Lee
    Characterization of the Tall Fescue Endophyte
  • Manoj Sapkota
    Elucidating the genetic basis of flavor volatiles in tomato
  • Mark Miller
    Predictive breeding to accelerate genetic gain in soybean
  • Sam McDonald
    Genetic mapping of frogeye leaf spot resistance and breeding for improved seed composition in soybean
  • Harshita Saxena
    Who’s eating all the chickpeas?
  • Samantha Wan
    A Dip into Upland Cotton's Secondary Gene Pool for Fiber Quality Improvement
  • Brody Deaton
    From Row Cropping to Turfgrass, Potential Uses and Impacts of Dinitroaniline Herbicide Resistance
  • Ben Culver
    Watch out for Ramularia: an emerging cotton leaf disease 
  • Daniel Matusinec
    Bringing Cranberries to the Thanksgiving Table
  • Yongjun Yue
    Legends, Hunters, and Thieves: The Stories Behind Our Backyard Landscaping


  • Vinavi Lakshman
    CRISPRing: Gene Editing to Accelerate Plant Breeding
  • Amanda Webb
    A Seedy Story - Sterility in Bermudagrass Golf Greens
  • Austin Hart
    Plant Aromatics: For More Than Just the Birds and Bees
  • Holly Wright Presley
    A Royal Homecoming - Improving Low pH and Aluminum Tolerance in Alfalfa for the Southeast 
  • Zachary Fleming
    Blossom End Rot: A Multi-Species Menace
  • Samikshya Rijal
    Watermelon's Wild Friends - Introgressing Important Traits in a Favorite Fruit
  • Brianna Cheekc
    An Analysis of the Tools for Mitigation of Aflatoxin Production in Peanut
  • John Bagwell
    The Genetic Plan to Save our Bread
  • Kendall Lee
    We Have History: The Coevolution of Asexual Epichloe Endophytes and Cool-Season Grasses
  • Natacha Namphengsone
    The Role of OFPs and TRMs in Organogenesis
  • Sefa Ayten
    Genome Analysis of the Medicinal Plant Teucrium marum (Lamiaceae)
  • Alexandra Ostezan
    Genetic Improvement of Soybean for Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode
  • Sam McDonald
    Who Let the Frogs Out? Breeding Soybean to Prevent the Next Frogeye Leaf Spot Outbreak
  • Ethan Menke
    Advancing Soybean Breeding Through Disease Resistance, Climate Resilience, and High-Throughput Phenotyping
  • Gaurab Bhattarai
    PBGG Spring Student Seminar: An Uncovered Gem of the South: the Muscadines
  • Edward Beasley
    Navigating Native Traits of Cotton Responsible for Nematode Resistance
  • Madhav Subedi
    Quinoa: South America's Gift to Your Kitchen
  • Alexandra Ostezan
    Combatting Soybean Cyst Nematode: Helping Soybeans in the Fight Against Yield Loss
  • Manoj Sapkota
    Language of Plants: Understanding the Plant Vocabulary and its Possible Implications in Crop Breeding
  • Samuele Lamon
    Italian Chicory: Experiment with Bitterness and Colors in your Salads


  • Dung Tran
    Genetic mapping of QTL for and exploring the interaction of root microbiome with soybean cyst nematode resistance
  • Isabel Vales
    Development of Climate-change-ready Potato Varieties to Overcome Heat Stress
  • Matthew Clark
    Modern Grape Breeding, using DNA Markers to Enrich the Selection Process
  • Caleb Warrington
    Sesame: Modernizing an Ancient Oilseed
  • Nino Brown
    Powerful Peanuts - Leveraging Technology for Peanut Cultivar Development Research
  • Lovepreet Singh Chahal
    Evaluation of Phylogenetically Distant BABY BOOM Genes for their Potential to Induce Parthenogenesis
  • Chandler Levinson
    Characterization of Allotetraploids Cross-Compatible to Cultivated Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
  • Samuele Lamon
    Meiosis as a Causal Mechanism for Genome Variation
  • Kendall Lee
    The Fungus That Feeds America
  • Vinavi Lakshman
    Drink Tea and Be Merry: How Tea Keeps Getting Better
  • John Bagwell
    The Genetic Tug of War to Keep Corn Safe
  • Emile Barnes
    Breeding Hot Peppers and Why We Love Them
  • Qian Feng
    How to Make Tomatoes Taste Better
  • Ed Beasley
    Get Caught with Your Plants Down? Explaining the Science Behind Disease Resistance in Plants
  • Evan McCoy
    Lucha for Lunch: Chemical Warfare on Your Dinner Plate