Rafael Reyno

Rafael Reyno headshot

Rafael Reyno was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he spent all his childhood. He earned his BS as an Agronomy Engineer from the Agronomy College (University of the Republic). After that, he was hired by the National Institute of Agricultural Research, moving to Tacuarembó (northern part of Uruguay), for working in the Pastures and Forages Research Program, starting in 2003 his first steps as a Forage Breeder.

Seeking an opportunity, in 2007 he met Dr. Parrott in Uruguay, and started contacts with UGA. In 2008, he earned an assistantship from UGA to pursue a doctorate degree and moved to Athens (GA) to start a PhD in Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics under the advice of Dr. Charlie Brummer working on different mechanisms of the Aluminum tolerance complex in Alfalfa. In 2012, Rafael earned his PhD degree being co-advisored by Dr. Brummer and Dr. Boerma. During that time, he not only earned his degree but also earned many friends, great mentors, experiences, and a loved time while living in Athens.

Back to Uruguay in 2012, Rafael took his position at the National Institute of Agricultural Research as Forage Breeder, leading the Forage Breeding Project of Alfalfa, Lotus spp, some native grasses and several other grasses such as Raygrass, Tall Fescue, among others. Since that time, Rafael has released cultivars of different species such as Bahiagrass INIA Sepé, Lotus INIA Basalto, Chicory INIA Nova, Alfalfa INIA Charrúa, and has also taken part of the team that released Bromegrass INIA Los Paraísos, Perennial Ryegrass Virazón, and some upcoming Tall fescues.

Nowadays, Rafael is Principal Researcher of the Institute and still working as a Forage Breeder and leading the Forage breeding project, while living in Tacuarembó (Uruguay) with his wife and two kids.